Thursday, 7 March 2013

Pink top

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top | Asos
necklace | HM
skirt | Beginning Boutique

I didn't like how the pics turned out, so I'm giving you just a few pics of my last week's random outfit. I went for a coffee and the weather was really bad and so my mood was. Whenever I feel not so cheerful, it shows on my photos.

Anyways, I plan on posting on a daily basis from now on, maybe even more then once a day, with all sorts of things that make me happy and with things I just want to share. Not only outfit posts, wishlists and event photos as before but with random photos I took, detail photos, shopping, inspirational photos, makeup photos, videos, and so on. 
How do you feel about that?



kamila said...

cute ;DD


Silvia said...

♥ cute!!!

Milna Mandusic said...

Mnogo mi se svidja bundica!

ljupka said...

divno <3


isti slučaj kod mene danas ali ipak ću objaviti probrane fotke sutra. Ove su ti ispale odlično obožavam oglicu i kardigan <3 pliz posjeti moj blog i slijedi me natrag ako ti se sviđa

Sandra said...

Divna :*

Anonymous said...

divna si, ali jako malo slika. nisam uspjela ni vidjeti sve kako spada :P

Anonymous said...

zasto si prestala pisati na hrvatskom?

Psychocouture said...

nema razloga, došlo mi.
bit će svi postovi na dva jezika, samo nisam imala vremena ovih dana pisati i hrv i engl verziju.

Anonymous said...

can't wait! :)

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

a lijepo je :D fale cipele hh

spring wishlist♥blog

Anonymous said...

Hope you're feeling happier :) I love your bag in this look! Looking forward to your daily posts!

NelaTasha said...

odličan outfit, pratim natrag :)