Friday, 19 April 2019


outfits from Roses Designer Outlet
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Hey guys! Another spring in Roses is here and here are the first two (out of four) outfits I created from the Roses Outlet stores.
I love doping this mini editorials because I get to play a bit more with fashion and try out some really special combinations. 
I especially love the first outfit - I love the way materials and colors got together! 

Which one of these two you like more? 

Check out my blog soon for other two outfits! 


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Tuesday, 2 April 2019


outfit: S.Oliver

Went on a roadtrip with my friend Ado and made some amazing photos in beautiful Opatija, which I've never visited until that weekend. I was amazed at how beautiful this town is. At every corner there is amazing classical (and so colorful!) architecture. 

I am wearing a S.Oliver outfit and soon I'll be showing you some new pieces from different S.Oliver collections - which I can't wait to show you since the new collections are exactly up my alley, especially the Retro Denim collection which is being released tomorrow! You can check all the new clothes on their website.



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