Monday 23 November 2015



Stradivarius dress
Zara cardigan
Ebay necklace
Adidas sneakers
Kate Lee bag

 Wow, I have been a really bad blogger. 
What can I say, with the days getting shorter, there is so little time with all the work and no light, so I dug up this outfit from September! Woah, I really haven't been this unable to post ever before. This makes me sad, but work is work and I'll just have to manage somehow. :)
Guys, give me tips how to organize a full time job and hobbies! I am so overwhelmed with everything and so tired constantly that I just don't have the strength to post as much. :( 

But, on the good side - I have been organizing something really special for you guys!
As my 6th bday of the blog is approaching (December 15th) I will have some huge surprises through the month of December just to show you my gratitude and thank you for following me all these years! The surprise will be announced on my Instagram and Facebook, and I'll probably manage to make a blog post too, so stay tuned! :)) I'm really excited, can't wait to show you! 


Wow, fakat sam bila bad bad blogger. 
Što da kažem? Dani su sve kraći, svjetlosti je sve manje (a svi mi blogeri i instagrammeri znamo koliko je danje svjetlo bitno za fotke :D #firstworldproblems), tako da nekako sve manje stignem fotkati. :( Iskopala sam ovaj stariji outfit od 9. mj, no uklapao se u vrijeme koje smo imali lately (kako je samo toplo bilo!). Zatrpana sam u poslu, jako sam tužna što ne stignem više full time raditi na blogu, no posao je posao i morat ću nekako sve shendlati. Nema druge. :) Dajte mi bacite neke savjete kako organizirati hobije i blog i posao i sve ikada! 

Ali, s dobre strane, organizirala sam nešto presuper za vas! 
Budući da se bliži moj 6. blogorođendan (15.12.) složila sam neka iznenađenja za vas kroz cijeli 12. mjesec kako bih vam zahvalila na tome što me pratite sve ove godine! Iznenađenja će biti objavljena primarno na mojem Instagramu i Facebooku, a složit ću vjerojatno i blog post. :) Jako sam uzbuđena, mislim da će vam se jako svidjeti tako da stay tuned! :) 


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Monday 9 November 2015



Shein dress (14.99$)
Šaptač Cipelama boots (ponuda čizama)
LucLuc bag (25.99$)

Sunny autumn time! Now, this is the kind of autumn I like! This is wore a few weeks back for Saturday coffee with Marina, who took these photos. :) 

Dress is on sale on the link above, the bag is amazing - first time ordering of Lucluc online shop and I'm really satisfied! And the boots are from last winter, really comfy and minimalistic black ankle boots - classic! :)

Hope you're doing fine :) Follow me on instagram - I post daily there :* 


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Monday 2 November 2015



Outfit 1: 

Vesta XYZ outlet (Pinko)
Suknja XYZ outlet (Fracomina) 
Čizme DIESEL outlet

Outfit 2: 

Haljina: THE CORE (Sud) outlet
kaputić THE CORE (Polo Ralph Lauren) outlet 
Čizme DIESEL outlet  

Details and prices *here*

photo: Adem Alajbegović

Last two outfits from my collab with Roses fashion outlet! I am running late with these posts but better late than never, right?
The first one is probably my favorite out of the five outfits I made! Which one is your fave? 



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