Sunday 12 August 2012

Wishlist //

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1. black drape dress 
2. lime green dress
3. black sheer maxi dress 
4. pleated sheer maxi skirt
5. white peplum top
6. white dress 
7.  white tailored vest 
8. white peplum skirt 
9. white and black cut out top 
10. white asymetric top 

I found out this cool shop called Koogul. :)
It's a chinese clothes and accessories store which offers clothes in various styles and cheap prices. :)
The above is my wishlist from the store. (as you can see I'm a lot into white lately :D )

Do you like it?




Anonymous said...
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Mackenzie said...

I love the dresses!

Anonymous said...

wow, sve mi se sviđa, pogotovo bijela boja, pravo osvježenje u kombinaciji sa neon statement ogrlicama i nježno preplanulim tenom! Like, like! <3

ChicToChic said...

I like the all!! <3


Gladdenova said...

Predzadnji top je perfekcija