Monday 3 October 2011


Hi guys!
I bring you my favorite shows from Dove :)

eNVy room and Ljupka Tanevska bags

I loved this collection because it's really bold and beautiful. The corset dresses are to die for, I normally love to wear those kind of dresses because they are really flattering to my figure (small shoulders and accentuated neck bones, small boobs and small waist :P )
The flowy (is this a word?) materials attached to dresses really have a strong statement. Almost heroic, to me.
And the bags are totally matching the dresses!


Adela Kliškić+Nikola Barbir

This collection must be a favorite of all on these shows. Futuristic look for a strong woman. Monochrome colors, leather (or fake leather), corsets and suspenders, chiffon, thousand shades of grey and those wedges. Oh, those wedges! Well, see for yourself above :)


Aleksandra Dojčinović - Lei Lou

This collection represents my romantic side. I would definitely wear those longs silky maxi dresses. Gorgeous.

What do you think of these collections, I wanna hear your opinion!




Sienna Ana Belic said...

ti su također i moj favoriti plus alduk i hera torbe :)

mirna said...

stvarno divne kolekcije! lijepo je vidjeti da i hrvatska ima nešto za pokazat. :)

Daria said...

wow, I loved all three of those collection, especially the first one :)


Lucy Lu said...

sve super izgleda! torbe pogotovo..

Anonymous said...

torbe su pokvarile modele, predoradjeni modeli i neuredne torbe uf uf