Friday 23 March 2018



Nike sneakers via Buzz Sneaker Station 
Nike sweatpants, t-shirt and hoodie 
H&M jacket 
ebay Bag 
Reserved socks 

(check out his streetstyle project too)

Hi guys! 

I finally started shooting again and I'm so happy! (I still have to use two crutches to walk but it's so much easier now without the cast). You know how much I love sneakers and I couldn't be more excited when I got a call from Buzz to make pics with these sneakers. I saw them in a different version a few months ago on Željka and I just fell in love. Mine are a bit different but I looove the velvety material and colors, and, as Željka told me, they are so comfy! As my bone is still broken, I have to wear only comfortable shoes and I haven't gotten these off since I got them! 

Title of the post doesn't match with true weather - the wind was freezing cold, but spring has officially started and I'm already planning everything I want to do outdoors since I've been trapped at home almost whole winter. As I have physical therapy every day in the afternoon, I have to shoot before it so I went straight to therapy after this shoot - I will have to make comfortable outfits also look stylish and chic - do you think I pulled it of? 



*powered by Buzz Sneaker Station

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maria said...

izgleda fantastično :)