Wednesday 22 July 2015



Šaptač cipelama heels and bag

Hey guys! 
Wow it has been a really long time.
First I went to the seaside with my boyfriend to chill and relax and I didn't update because of that. Then I got sick. I was having a really high body temperature and the heat wave was just starting. I returned to Zagreb and couldn't do anything but lie in bed. Awful. I hate being sick in the summer.
After that I got a job! Yeah, a full time job! :)) So, I will be juggling work and blog and try to manage everything at once haha.
Fortunantly I have these posts from Crikvenica, so I finally managed to edit these photos and put together a post. Hope you like it! This dress and shoes were revied in this video also, so check it out if you didn't. ;)

Talk to you soon :*


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Valentina said...

I love your dress,the details are so pretty.You look gorgeous.I'm glad to hear that you're back,I love your outfits and I always enjoy reading your posts <3

Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.