Friday 22 May 2015



Zara t-shirt
H&M skirt 
Parfois bag 
Adidas sneakers

Lately I have been wearing these sneakers all. the. time. I completely adore them. I've been eying them for the last few months, and yes, the trend really took on, everyone is wearing them, but when I really like something, I don't really care if everyone or if no one is wearing it. 

I just imagined them with all kinds of outfits and have been missing them a lot. For example, when I dressed myself (before I got the sneakers), I would have to put on some other shoes, but in my mind, the Stan Smith Adidas sneakers would be the perfect fit. When I realized that was happening more then once or twice, I decided to get them. That's how I decide if I really need something or not, haha. 

How do you decide if you need a new bag or shoes?





Nikki said...

Love love love your Adidas!! X

Katja - Viva la vida blog said...

Looove this one <3