Thursday 28 May 2015



dress: Replay

prices/details HERE

photos: Adem Alajbegović 

Hey guys!
Here's another edition of my Roses Fashion Outlet outfits.
I found this dress in Replay outlet, is on massive sale, and if it were in my size I would totally buy it. The last one is in size L, so it's a bit big for me. :( It's completely out of sequins but I think it's completely wearable for a date lunch or some other daytime event since it's toned down by its neckline, racerback and the "jersey" number at the front. It goes amazing with sneakers, love it! 



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the creation of beauty is art. said...

Wow, that is SUCH a great dress! I love how glam the sequins are - and how laid back the sporty design is. Love!