Saturday 4 April 2015



NEW YORKER tights, top, jacket and sneakers 

photo: Adem Alajbegović

Hey guys! 
I wanted to show you an entirely sportish outfit, what I normally wear to the gym. I would just exchange the jacket with a hoodie. I loooove hoodies.
The New Yorker athletics collection is amazing, I really like the materials. I really wanted the full lenght leggings but they were sold out in smaller sizes, so if you're interested in their new collection, better hurry to the stores. :))
Have a lovely weekend and happy Easter! 

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Ana-Marija said...

Tenisice i jakna su savršene ;)

Anonymous said...

Ja sam si kupila iste takve hlace, jedne dugacke sa rozim crtama, sivu majicu sto je komplet na takve sivocrne hlace, leopardastu istu takvu majicu, i one topiće isto sivi i leopardasti i suskavac plavi. Predobro je sve :D i jeftino. Svaka cast na NewYorkerAtletics. I btw. lijepa si :D

Psychocouture said...

wow super si se ponovila! :)
ja "samo" dva para 3/4 tajica i dva topa :)
i hvala ti^^ :*