Sunday 29 March 2015



Sheinside coat (on sale!)
PopCouture jeans
Zara t-shirt
Parfois bag
Converse sneakers

photo: Adem Alajbegović

 Bad hair day alert! :D 

And spring is finally here. I can't explain how happy I am even though I am up to my throat in work/college/blog related stuff. My masters theses (yes, TWO of them) are due to be done in 2 months so have to get in full speed in order to finish them. It will be a hectic spring, but I love it! :) 

Anyways, if you follow my instagram, you've seen this baby blue gem from Parofis - aren't bucket bags cute? I've been obsessing over them since I saw the YSL white bucket bag (ps. I just can't switch to saying just SL/Saint Laurent) and after a long search (online and in stores) I found the perfect two bucket bags in Parfois, yay! 

As warmer weather began, I started obsessing over wearing pastels. Again. Pastels for spring, how groundbreaking, right? :D  But who can resist them? Pastel colors are so light and easy to combine with my favourite non colors, especially grey and white. 




Anonymous said...

Predobar jeee kaputic. Xoxo

Unknown said...

Preeedobro :))) kombinacija je mrak.

Anonymous said...

Lijepo je vidjeti te lijepu i veselu. :) Uzivaj Ana

Ajnaudrey said...

Predivna kombinacija :)
Fotke su savršenstvo!

Ema said...

Divan divan diiivan kaput! Kombinacija je genijalna!

Unknown said...

Joj, ovo izgleda tako udobno i dobro. Outfit je fenomenalan!!! Takodje, torbaaa.... moja nova ljubav.

Unknown said...

Ovaj kaput mi je predobar! :) Super ti stoji i baš kao da je stvoren za ove proljetne dane.

Anonymous said...

Po meni je prije bad pants day alert,nekako su previše izrezane i viseće,čak i za boyfriend look.Izgledaš dobro kada nosiš ovako kosu.Inače kaput i torba su fini i predivni.