Thursday 12 March 2015



Total looks by S.Oliver

photo: Adem Alajbegović

Spring, spring, spring! 
I am so excited about all spring collections and can't wait to combine everything I have been imagining in my head the entire winter. teamed up with s.Oliver and asked me (and another two bloggers) to make three outfits. As I walked into their store in centar Cvjetni I was full of ideas - the spring collection had everything I love - lots's of oversized t-shirts, ripped denim, leather jackets, leather pants... 

The brand offers different styles, but all are based on the idea of casual clothes with modern twist for every day. You know I love casual style and I found more then a few pieces I would love to have in my closet this spring - the black leather jacket and t-shirts are my favorites!

Every one of my outfits can be worn on almost every everyday occasion - they are all casual with modern twist as it's the brand's philosophy. Feeling comfortable and playful is a part of my everyday life and I am a pretty active person. :)

I had so much fun making and shooting these outfits! They will go into competition on facebook page and you will be able to vote for your favorite and see how Isabella and Barbara did their outfits. :)

Whick one is your favorite? 





Live-Style20 said...

awesome.. ; >


Live-Style20 said...

awesome.. ; >


Nikki said...

Gorgeous looks!! X

M.Abramović said...

u zadnjim postovima bas zračiš , skroz pozitivno!!

Psychocouture said...

hvala ti puno, baš mi je drago da se primjećuje! :))

bokyca said...

Super su kombinacije! Divno izgledaš! :))

Beehive by B - February Favs - See the latest post! :)

Ana-Marija said...

Prugaste espadrile predivne :) Na prve 2 slike ti je šminka ispala savršeno, ima onaj neki rock prizvuk :)

Anonymous said...

Super! Puno mi se više sviđaju ove kombinacije od onih tvojih uobičajnih, ističu ti figuru i jednostavno si mi sva ljepša! :)

Ivanasworld said...

Treca kombinacija mi je osobno favorit :)