Thursday 1 January 2015

2014 RECAP

Hi guys!
Hope you started your new year with positive thoughts! I do my recap every year on the last day of the year, but since I've been a bit ill, I managed to put together this post today :)
This year has been not so bad but not so great either... The best thing that happened to me is my boyfriend (not technically in 2014. but few moths earlier, but okay ;)... I love this guy so much and he took most of these photos so without him it would be really hard to maintain regular posting... He is my soul mate, literally, he is a male version of me, he is even born on the same day of the same year as me. We spend a great summer on Hvar, had a roadtrip and those were definitely the best days of the past year. 

I visited Venice and Padova with my parents. I celebrated 5 years of blogging. Had amazing collaborations with Roses Fashion Outlet, Diva magazine, New Yorker,, Modni Vrisak, Nivea, DM, Chanel, Jadran čarape, Shoeboy ...many online shops like Šaptač cipelama, Choies, Sheinside, Mart of china, Front row shop, Triangl, Chicwish, Kate Lee bags, Cocorose London, Daniel Wellington watches, Lookbookstore, Pink Panda ...and designers like Brinkle, Sexy Plexy, Le Petit mignon bracelets, Onecklace, Alduk... Thank you all for your support!

Blog reached almost 2 million views, over 8000 likes on fb and more than 4000 followers on instagram... I hope to raise these numbers in 2015. Post more, be more versatile, change design of the blog, make some new amazing collaborations, focus more on the beauty and lifestyle posts, begin filming videos and much more!

I would love to bury the hatchet with certain people... Try to understand, I am an extreme pacifist and I hate falling into conflicts, but, you know how it goes... you don't have to do anything to make people dislike you... on the contrary, if you're a pacifist and trust people too much like me, the chance is bigger that people will be mean to you or even take advantage of you.
I would be the happiest person ever if everyone would just get along. Is it such an utopia?

So, if you're reading this, and you know who you are, just don't hate me for no reason, ok? I am not a bitch (like most people think before they get to know me) and no, I do not hate you. I don't want to have place in my heart for hatred or negative energy, no way, sir. We don't have to be best friends, I just want to be at peace with everyone and not feel anxiety when running into certain people. That's really stressful! ^^

Anyways, sorry for massive text and because it's in English, but I think it sounds more like me when I write this stuff in English...

To all my readers - I wish you all the best in the new year, set yourself some goals and really really try to make your dreams and goals a reality! Be modest, be positive and just be happy - it's the most important thing. Try to be a better person, work on yourself, help people - friends, family and strangers - it will make you and them feel better, don't wallow in the negative, when its hard, try to pick up the pieces and move on, don't listen to haters - be nice to them - it will maybe make them reconsider the way they feel about you.

I love you all so much - my friends, my family, my readers... you are the reason I keep on going.




Unknown said...

lijepo napisan post:)
sve najbolje u novoj godini

Unknown said...

Sve najbolje Ana, tebi i tvojim najdražima.

Live-Style20 said...

so nice.. ; 0)


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Yonosoyunaitgirl said...

Nice post! XX

Nikki said...

Lovely outfits!! X

Mihaela said...

jako lijepo napisano :) i sretna ti 2015!!


Ivana said...

Jako lijepi post i to u vidu i fotografija i teksta! Sve najbolje u 2015. i tebi i tvojim najdražima! :)

Ivana said...

Super ti stoji svjetlija kosa!

Sretna nova!:)