Saturday 20 December 2014



NEW YORKER beanie, scarf, jacket, sweater and jeans
Alexander Wang bag
Wedge sneakers from Šaptač cipelama 

I guess this isn't the kind of outfit I would often present on my blog, but sometimes I feel kinda boyish and love to throw on a good pair of boyfriend jeans. Other than that, baggy clothes are my go to clothes in any given situation where I can be myself. I found this great pair and instantly thought of this outfit. Wore it for a coffee with my boyfriend and we managed to shoot this outfit in the last minutes of the golden hour.



Anonymous said...

totalno mi te cudno vidjet u tom pomalo klosarskom izdanju, al i dalje ti predobro stoji :D iznenadujes, sve pohvale :)

Nanethiel said...

haha, upravo sam kupila ovu jaknu, prije sat vremena. divna je :)

Coco said...

Love this tomboy look, super cool!
Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

the creation of beauty is art. said...

This is a fantastic outfit. I absolutely love those jeans!

Natali said...

Ovo mi je jedan od tvojih najboljih outfiteva! Super ti pristaje ovaj kulerski, rock stil!