Saturday 10 August 2013

Outfit | Last week

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skirt | Sheinside
wedges and top | Zara
belt | vintage Moschino (gift from Lj   )

These pics were taken last week when Ljupka was in town for a few days. She gave me her Moschino belt as a gift - I've been drooling over it since she got it and she didn't wear it much so she gave it to me.
Anyways, from this post on it's only pink hair, this outfit was delayed a bit. 

It's my bday in 5 days and I'm always excited and sad at the same time. I guess I don't like aging but my gene pool is great so I often get asked for an ID when buying booze or cigarettes. My parents also look young and sometimes get mistaken for my friends. :D 

Have a great day! :*



by S said...

Sexy woman! Skrozzz! <3

Unknown said...

Divna kao i uvijek :)

Mihaela said...

suknja je super!


Anonymous said...

I ja bi taj remen :D Di ga je nabavila?

Psychocouture said...

Našla ga je u jednom second hand dućanu u Zagrebu =)

Ivanasworld said...

prelepo ;) jednostavno i sik ;)

Nina said...

Te sandale :)))


Lili Mitrovic said...

Bas mi se dopada! Divno!

Donovan Pavleković said...

Nakit uključujući i remen savršeni su.

Imam pitanje : Pokrenuo sam fashion blog. Pisati na eng. ili hr?

Psychocouture said...

na hrvatskom sigurno, ali ako ciljaš i na stranu publiku onda i na engleskom :)

Donovan Pavleković said...

Puno hvala.
Za mene si ti bog.