Monday 8 April 2013

FAVS | Cro-a-porter

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1., 2. MANI 3. Pavlin

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1., 2. Bombardelli 3. XD Ksenija Design

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1., 2., 3. Ivan MAN

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1. Madame Demode 2. JET LAG 3. Lamut

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1. Bombardelli 2. Lamut 3. Begović/Štimac

My favorites from all 4 days of Cro-a-porter. 
Do you have a fav? 


foto: Cro-a-porter


Tian said...

These are all amazing!

the creation of beauty is art. said...

Oh I love the last dress in the first row!

Unknown said...

Loving the outfits in the last row. Inspirational. Hope to also hear from you ;)

xoxo Gozika