Monday 5 September 2011


So, I was asleep this morning after a hard weekend of working, partying and almost no rest, when my mom barged into my room carrying a FedEx envelope.
As you may not know, the thing that wakes me up the best and quickest are delivery mail and a postman with my Asos, or some other online shop, order!
So I woke up wondering what could it be... I opened it and in it was a Chanel baggie! I can't describe how happy I was. :)
Virginie and Justine from Chanel sent this lovely key chain and thank you notes! This is so sweet of you! Thank you once again! :)

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Also, I was invited, thanx to PRiredba, to Illamasqua promotion on Wednesday. Since I'm a psycho for cosmetics, and I read about this brand a lot, I'm really looking forward to it! Stay tuned :)
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Btw, my favourite blogger Tahti uses Illamasqua a lot, I heard about that cosmetics through her blog. :)
Really, really, really looking forward to it :)

Also, next week is the presentation of Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit products in Velvet bar. I really love the smell of grapefruit. Combined with pink color and vitamin C, what more can you wish for? :)) Looking forward to spending some fun time with Ljupka, Sonja and Matea ♥♥♥♥




ljupka said...

super mi je kak je rukom napisala <3

Gypsy Gardens said...

a daaa? kaj se druzimo? :D
bas divna gesta <3

Psychocouture said...

Pa naravno, čekiraj mail ;)

Josipa said...

privjesak je bas slatkis! have fun!

Belle Armed said...

Love it! <3

Unknown said...

super uživaj :D i baš ljepo od Virginie na dar

Anonymous said...

tahti je carica <3

Lijepe fotografije u prethodnom postu ;)

astrid.york said...

wow, ovo je baš pravi znak pažnje i potvrda da dobro radiš :)))

Trendy White said...

Prekrasan znak paznje, odusevljena sam i veselim se nasem druzenju ;) <3

Unknown said...

Presladak je privjesak!^^

See ya! ;)



Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

super ti je blog:)

mirna said...

wow, predobar je privjesak! :)