Sunday 27 January 2019


earrings: Aliexpress

A miracle has happened - it's a blog post! 
Last year I kinda neglected my blog and posted more outfits on my instagram, but I kinda missed the old blogger days (and when the term influencer didn't exist) and seeing a set of pics in one place. 
I had a shoot recently for the dresses I received from Femmeluxefinery, and as I hoped they would come before Christmas, that unfortunately didn't happen (as they would have been perfect for Xmas parties and NY eve). So i made sets of pics for each dress which I'll show you in future posts. This is the first dress - black bodycon midi dress with a frill on the side. It's everything I like - simple but with a twist. The material is actually pretty nice, firm, stretchy and not to thin. May I also say that I'm completely in love with these earrings? I've decided to wear more earrings since I realized hat they can have such and impact on an outfit (do'h!). Hope you like the pics and I'll see you soon! 



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Anonymous said...

Nice your pictures !
I really like your blog.
Good continuation