Thursday 4 January 2018

HELLO 2018!

Outfit: H&M 
Shoes: Deichmann 
Watch: Mockberg

photo: Željka Molnar 
location, light, confetti: Marko Gregurić & Nikola Grabovac
hair and nails: Ruža Essentials
makeup: moi 

Happy New Year guys! 
I read the other day - if you're reading all these posts about how everybody's 2017 was so awesome and shit and yours didn't, don't feel down.. or something along those lines. 
I realized then that, in my nye IG post, I also wrote how mine was great. 
Then, under the influence of my over over-analyzing, as usual, I edited the post. Then, I wanted to edit it again, but I thought, why shouldn't we be proud of our accomplishments? Those mean a lot to me and they're just a part of the bigger picture, which isn't always easy to see from a non-participant viewer. But hey, we all have good and bad times. This doesn't mean you should be less proud of yourself if your year didn't go do great - you have the time to grow and prosper. You just have to give your best at what you love; surround yourself with people that keep a smile on your face and keep going!

You guys are the reason I'm still here after 8 years - I wish you all the best from my 

I want to thank Željka, Marko and Nikola - thanks for the most fun shooting ever! :***



Ester R. said...

Loving this photoss!

She Walks Blog

the creation of beauty is art. said...

Wow! These pictures are so so gorgeous. Happy New Year!