Wednesday 13 January 2016

2015 RECAP

God, the year flew by.

I love having this blog, really. I like to scroll back and see what I wore and what I did at the time. It takes me back to how I felt at that time. It takes me back to moments of sadness and happiness. I love memories, even bad ones. They remind me how I became the person who I am today.

This year had been tough but life-changing. It has been really great, but I am up for some greater things this year. All in all, doing more things that make me happy. I've come to realize, that the small things are the ones that count too and that make you happy. 

Sorry this post isn't translated to Croatian too, it sounds sooo cheesy. :P




Elise Von E said...

Every outfit is perfect!! Beautiful!

xx, Elise

blogin said...

Love it :D

jednababaroga said...

Pratim te od samog pocetka, i slikice i outfiti su sve bolji i bolji. Bas mi gust pratiti :))

ccc said...

all are perfect :D