Friday 23 October 2015



Shein top 
New Yorker jacket 
Zara jeans 
Adidas sneakers  

Heya guys. Hope you're doing okay.
Can you believe? A new post! 

This is what I wore today, just black casual friday with a pop of "Pollock" color. This is actually my first backpack in the last 10 or so years :D 
Nice rest for my arms and shoulders for a change. 
I got this new top from Shein and decided to wear it in a casual/sporty/rock style, just to tone it down a little since it's a bit revealing - great for a night out too, tucked in a black leather skirt and a pair of heeled booties! 




the creation of beauty is art. said...

That top is amazing! That detail is absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

zasto si prestala postat? vrati se :(

Nuclear Glitter said...

Torba je fenomenalna.