Thursday 6 November 2014



New Yorker sweatshirt
Forever 21 skirt
Wedge sneakers from Šaptač Cipelama
Kate Lee bag
 Daniel Wellington watch

Hey guys! Here's a post from a few weeks back when the weather was still for bare legs! In the meantime, the weather in Zagreb was oscillating quite a few. First really warm, then freezing cold and now it's warm again (currently 17 degrees haha) - crazy!
Like my friend Ljupka is obsessed with corgis, I am obsessed with shelties - they're the cutest dogs ever (alongside dachshunds!). This small fella was too busy chasing it's owner's tennis ball so didn't have the chance to take better pics of him (sorry english grammat nazis - I don't like reffering to dogs as "it").

Have a nice day!