Tuesday 2 September 2014



 6KS dress (find more dresses here)
Lindex sandals
Zara bag
No name bracelets
 Michael Kors watch (similar here)

Rainy days in Zagreb make me sad and depressed. Although, I'm looking forward to (rainless) autum days. 
This red bracelet was a bday gift from my bf (who's born on the same day of the same year as me, crazy right?). We were strolling around Hvar, looking through the stands with jewelry, trying to find a bracelet for me that will remind me of our summer. And at the last stand, we found this cute red coral and pearl bracelet... I flipped it around and saw a plate with "Aj" engraved in it (my name starts with A and his with J)  and said "This is it!".  J, love you so much.




Mihaela said...

prekrasna torba! i haljina isto :D


Natali said...

Ja isto ne volim jesenske kise, pogotovo sto je i ovo ljeto vecinski bilo kisovito.
Nevjerojatno je da ste ti i decko rodjeni na isti dan, iste godine. Stvarno ste srodne duse! :)


Live-Style20 said...

super dress!! :_)))

i invite to me too

Venoma said...

Slatke cipelice :)

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XoXo Venoma