Tuesday 1 July 2014


top | Frontrowshop
jacket | Sheinside
skirt | T by Alexander Wang (similar here)
sandals | Zara (similar here, here and here)
bag | Mango
necklaces | H&M

 As soon as I got back from my trip to Venice, I've fallen sick with some kind of stomach flu, luckily it didn't last too long. I am determined to lock myself in and finish my masters degree theses until the end of this month. On top of all I really want to stop smoking and I think this time it's final.
My bf and I took photos of this outfit before my trip, it was kinda chilly so hence the long sleeves and jacket. I looooove all black outfits - make me feel really strong and confident.



Anonymous said...

Imam jedno offtopic pitanje, nadam se da ne smeta :) Vidjela sam da si koristila Annyer pjenu u boji pa me zanima gdje ima za kupiti? Nisam nigdje našla :(
Ontopic, lijepa si u crnom ;)

Natali said...

Wow! Nemam rijeci za ovaj outfit! Stvarno izgledas mocno i zenstveno!
Sretno sa ucenjem :)


Unknown said...

Predivno :)

Unknown said...

Lepa. :)

Psychocouture said...

@anon: annyer pjene imaš u nami! :)

Venoma said...

Fenomenamal kombo, obozavam all black outfite :)

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XoXo Venoma