Saturday 8 February 2014

Spring wishlist

1. pastel pink coat
2. light grey/baby blue coat
3. beige shaggy cardigan/coat
4. mini black bag
5. simple little black dress
6. pointed black flats
7. cropped black sweatshirt
8. nude heels
9. Nike Air Pegasus trainers
10. midi lace skirt
11. boyfriend jeans
12. ripped skinny jeans

Judging by the temperatures lately and some weather people, the spring is coming! When I think about it, this winter wasn't so long after all... I made you a list of my spring wishes... I'm imagining midi and 3/4 length skirts with ankle boots, cami tops and long cardigans...  And what are your must have pieces for this spring? 





Natali said...

1,10 i 12 su i na mojoj wish listi :)

the creation of beauty is art. said...

That pink coat is super gorgeous!