Wednesday 29 January 2014

Blacker than the blackest black

leather pants and scarf | Zara 
top | Sheinside (sold out)
boots | Miista 
fur | Pepe Jeans
I've been watching Metalocalypse with my bf lately. :D That's why the title of the post. :D
 At first I didn't want to post these pics because they didn't turn out too good, but in the end, I still wanted to share them... This outfit was also taken before the snow, it's my go to all black outfit. I wear a lot of black during winter. I'm mostly in a depressed mood so I often reach out for black, effortless clothes in my closet. The less I think about the outfit, the better.
I'll cheer up, I promise. As soon as the snow melts and sun comes up. :) 



KristinaShortie said...

Iako je all black, divno je.
Nisi jedina koja jedva čeka ljepše i sunčanije dane :)

Unknown said...

Sve mi se sviđa posebno haljinica sa Sheinside <3

Anonymous said...

Jesi li nešto promijenila s načinom šminkanja,obrve pogotovo? nekako djeluješ slađe,a manje špičasto

Psychocouture said...

Zdebljala sam se :D

Anonymous said...

meni si baš super ;)

inbetween said...

Lijepo doba dana za fotkanje.:)

Maida said...

Tako jednostavno a tako fora i sa stilom, super outfit :)

Sara said...

bas volim taj outfit!!