Monday 17 December 2012

New Year's Eve dress?

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first row: Shake It Dress // Babydoll Party Dress in black // Babydoll Party Dress in green
second row: Trust Fund Dress // Amber Peplum Dress // Sassy Peplum Dress

Beginning Boutique always has a great selection of dresses - I found some on SALE and they're ideal for New Year's Eve! :)
Do you have a favourite? :) 

I ordered one too, I'll show you when it arrives. :))




Anonymous said...

zadnja je prekrasna, ostale mi i nisu bas nesto...

Maja said...

druga je najljepša :)

Ivana Split said...

moj je izbor ova zadnja

Random Reader said...

I'm usually the one that's repulsed by the people's comments about someone else's body and its flaws, but I do hope you didn't order neither the 2nd, 3rd or the last dress shown above, since I don't think you have the boobs for them. xD
And this comes from the person with the same "problem". Never had big boobs :shrug:
But I guess that, in the end, what matters the most is you being satisfied with how you look like.

Psychocouture said...

@Random reader: my dress isn't on these pics ;)) :D
I ordered one that will (hopefully) fit me great :D

moiminnie said...

poslednja bi po meni bila savrsena da je skroz bela i bez pepluma. jedva cekam da vidim tvoju :)

A.. said...

meni su sve grozne. :(